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I am a lifelong student of leadership and human development. Many of the articles here were written as part of a monthly column, “On Leadership” for Arkansas Business- a weekly business publication. Others are more courageous and challenging examinations of leaders and leadership.

I am a credentialed Executive Coach and did my Coach training at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership, where I later served on faculty, teaching coaching ethics. I served as Vice Chair for Ethics and Standards for the International Coaching Federation, the major credentialing body for professional coaches.

You will not find “inch deep/ mile wide” concepts of leadership on these pages (except maybe as humor or ironic examples). I believe that the very definition of leadership is the process of becoming a fully functional human being- mature… evolved… self-aware and clear. An aspirational vision to be certain and a journey that is both without an end and worth taking.

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I. Barry Goldberg

Old Guy. Well traveled. Curious and hard-nosed. While nothing I write is absolutely true- nothing is complete fiction either. Entering stage of life when there is more time to write about the stuff that takes more time about.